Signature Club

Swimming Pool

The Swimming pool membership is the most cost-effective way to regularly go swimming. This includes inclusive access rooftop swimming pool, Steam room and Sauna. This means you can use pools close to your home or work, or when you're out and about. Whether you’re perfecting your front crawl, or just starting out, We have you covered.




Whether you’re new to fitness or elite athlete, we welcome everybody to our gym in Grand Sylhet. Our gym opens from 7am to 11pm giving you the flexibility to train at a time that suits you. Our gym is equipped with high quality pieces of equipment and fantastic areas to workout. We’ve got everything under one roof to achieve your fitness goals. This includes inclusive access to the gym, Steam room and Sauna.


Swimming Pool & Gym

Our Swimming Pool & Gym membership gives you access to our gym, swimming pool. This membership also includes steam room & sauna.


What are the health benefits of swimming & gym?

  • From reducing stress to building muscle, there are many benefits associated with swimming & Gym
  • Improves your health- swimmers & Gym users report feeling on average 20% healthier than non-swimmers or gym users. When put into years, this is the equivalent of around 12 years younger
  • You'll feel better - adults agree that swimming has significantly reduced their anxiety or depression
  • Your quality of life will improve, swimming & gym helps to reduce long-term health conditions


Why not refer a friend to make your visit to Better more fun. Share the love and exercise together! Find out more about the benefit of referring a friend.


Cinema Unlimited Membership

As an Unlimited member you can watch all the 2D films you want, when you want, as many times as you want. We have two shows every day of the year. With this membership you get exclusive 10% discount on snacks, food & drinks.